Chris & Josh


Concluding in 2015, Chris & Josh is a sketch comedy web-series that has seen success in festivals around the globe. Made on a shoestring budget (what even is that? I've never consciously budgeted for shoestrings...) the show stands as a testament to the passion and creativity the team making had for the project.

Festivals & Awards

International Academy of Web Television
- WINNER Male Performance in a Comedy (Matt Werkmeister)
- Nominated Male Performance in a Comedy (Shane Savage)

- Official Selection

Vancouver Web Fest
- Official Selection

Online Video Awards
- WINNER Best Comedy Series
- Nominated Best Direction
- Nominated Best Channel

London Film Awards
- WINNER Best Web Video

NYC Webfest
- WINNER Best Writing
- Nominated Best International

IndieFEST Film Awards
- WINNER Webisode/Online Programming

Best Shorts Awards
- WINNER Webisode/Online Programming

Accolade Global Film Competition
- WINNER Webisode/Online Programming

Miami Webfest
- Nominated Best Action Scene

Atlanta Webfest
- Official Selection

Melbourne Webfest
- Second Look

Vancouver WebFest
- Official Selection

- WINNER Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy

Melbourne Webfest
- WINNER Melbourne’s Best