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Hey Balloon Tree, how do you actually make a video? Great question!

We’ve got a pretty diverse range of videos we offer, so we’ve outlined them for you below. Of course, not all projects fit cleanly into one of these blocks which is why we invite collaboration and exploration WITH you to deliver the best result FOR you inline with your objectives.

While we’re based in Brunswick East, we can work nationally, internationally and, potentially, universally. SpaceX we’re looking at you!

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Online Content

You’ve got a website. You’ve got social media channels. Now you need content. Today’s audience is very, VERY savvy - so you’re content cannot be platform agnostic (oooh big word!). Basically your content needs to be made fit for purpose.

Whether it’s vertical video, square or your usual 16:9 widescreen ratio, that’s just the start of the conversation. Audiences respond to different types of content on the different channels so you need to market your brand with engaging video content that is fit for purpose. It builds your brand equity and allows you to reach your marketing goals.

In order to cut through and tell the story of your brand in an engaging way that makes your brand memorable - online video content can’t be beat.

Television Commercials

Television advertising is still massive in the 21st Century. It's a big canvas for you and your brand to explore - and we can make it happen! It’s also more accessible than it ever has been. Plus think of how proud your mum will be when she sees your brand during her favourite TV show? Pretty chuffed I’m sure.

Whether you have ideas yourself, or need some creative kickstarting, Balloon Tree Productions has got you covered. From creative to casting, shooting to sending (to networks that is), we can handle the production of your TVC.

Corporate Video Production

When it comes to communicating efficiently, effectively and in an engaging way - video ticks all the boxes.

Our corporate and professional video production has helped many businesses engage stakeholders and staff to communicate key information as the corporate environment shifts.

It might be a new internal initiative that the entire company needs to know about, training videos, product demos, client testimonials and much more for clients who range from small to large enterprise. With video you’re afforded the opportunity to polish the message and distribute it in it’s best light.

Live Events

Does an event even happen if you don’t have content to show from it? Well yes, it does. But you should be leveraging all the time and energy invested by you and your team putting on said event.

From capturing and preserving presentations in full, highlight videos, attendee vox pops  or even video packages shot and edited on THE SAME DAY to play at the end of a conference (hectic, but trust us, it goes down a treat!) - live events are ripe with excellent content opportunities.

Music Videos

Bringing an artist’s music to life is one of the joys of filmmaking. It’s an opportunity to play around with form, structure and storytelling - while using a banger of a track.

These projects can be as simple as a band playing along to a track to something much more conceptual and intriguing. All those mornings watching Rage and Video Hits (we miss you!) actually paid off!


Telling stories is why we became filmmakers. Narrative storytelling is a phenomenal way of sharing thoughts, ideas, themes and concepts. We’re introduced to characters we can relate to or empathise with and we see their journey unfold.

We love telling stories and some of our proudest work is narrative. Short films, web series, comedy or drama - these are stories that need to be told.



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