Here you'll find a bunch of cool stuff we've worked on.

First up - the SHOWREEL! The bling on our ring, the skip in our step, this is a whiz bang highlight heavy snapshot of a lot of the work we do!

Then there’s a couple of testimonials from existing clients. We love working with them, and it seems the feeling is mutual. But don’t just take our word for it!



Television advertising is still king in the 21st Century. It's a big canvas for you and your brand to explore - and we can make it happen! Whether you have ideas yourself, or need some creative kickstarting, Balloon Tree Productions has got you covered.

Check out a selection of TVCs we've produced recently.

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right type of advertising." - Mark Twain

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Sometimes you have a message that needs the right medium to communicate it. Video is the most powerful of mediums around. Online, social media, internal, conferences - you name it - and video can enhance it.

With a flexible structure to any production, we offer a variety of video solutions for any need and any budget.


Chris & Josh | The web series

Concluding in 2015, Chris & Josh is a sketch comedy web-series that has seen success in festivals around the globe. Made on a shoestring budget (what even is that? I've never consciously budgeted for shoestrings...) the show stands as a testament to the passion and creativity the team making had for the project.

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Mouth-watering visuals is the name of the game here. What better way to capture the taste and excitement of food than to show it in all it's glory.



Music and visuals go hand in hand. Much like avocado on toast or millennials and 'never owning their own home'. We love putting our touch on some awesome music by equally talented artists.

Often a chance to explore something a bit more daring - these videos let us get a bit more creative.

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