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The Balloon Tree Process

Making videos with us doesn't have to be stressful - we're here to make it pain free and awesome. See below for a brief explanation of how we can work with you and make your life easy!


Available for hire

Balloon Tree IRL is a pretty swell place. Not only is it the hub for our team, shoots, and edits, but it’s got some nifty spaces available for hire too! 

Need somewhere to shoot a video or some stills? Then look no further than our Film and Photography Studio. Featuring an 8x4 metre white cyclorama, the studio is perfect for multiple talent at once. There’s even a green* room out the back with space to store props, costumes, makeup and more.

*the green room is not actually green. It’s more a neutral beige. Don’t @ us.

If visuals aren’t your thing and you’re after some sweet, sweet audio then try out our turnkey Podcast Studio. With 4 microphones and a plug and play setup, you’ll be podcasting in no time. We can even assist in getting your podcast out into the world for your audience to gobble up. What was that? Oh it’s turnkey, not turkey? That’s embarrassing.

If you’re a creative that would love access to the Film and Photography Studio and/or the Podcast Studio with some special rates AND want to have somewhere to put your stuff and work from - then say hello to our hotdesks! It’s a flexible, month-by-month setup that gets you dedicated desk space, 24/7 access and some killer deals on space hire. Plus we’re always looking for collaborators to work with - and you’ll be in the hotdesk… seat.

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Hot Desking

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